Portsmouth is a compact but densely populated city surrounded by sprawling suburbs that is home to a large furry community. Furmeets have been running in the city for close on a decade, not including a pawful of one time activities even earlier. By long-standing tradition, many of these meets make use of the city’s substantial outdoor spaces, including parks and the Common, a huge sprawl of open public land alongside the sea.

Since 2015, the Portsmouth furmeets have run on a regular once every two months schedule, featuring a seaside BBQ, park picnic, day trip to the castle ruins, and other days out, including the cinema, zoo, amusement park, fireworks display and more. Unsurprisingly, meet attendance is usually higher in the warmer months. In early 2020 plans were underway to schedule indoor, pub based meets into the other six months, a plan that is still ready to go once event organising returns to normal.

SouthernFurs on Twitter: "PortsmouthFurs May and July furmeets successfully  concluded. Any other meets been able to go ahead over the summer so far and  want to share pictures? https://t.co/mZNriAT9d3" / Twitter